A South Korean ferry named Sewol sank on the 16th of April 2014. 304 people died. 245 victims of them were teenagers who were from Danwon High School of the city Ansan and were on a class trip. This ferry tragedy aroused attention in the world media.

But widely unnoticed by the world media the relatives of the victims fight for a thorough, transparent and independent investigation, which shall clarify the causes of the ferry tragedy, the failed rescue mission of the coast guard and the failed crisis management of the government. It is such a desperate and tragic fight against the state, in which they even haven’t time and space to mourn.

The documentary film with mobile phone footages tells about the widely unnoticed story of these relatives: About their grief, about their unbending and moving fight for the truth against the state, but also about their admirable effort for the improvement in the South Korean society.

Documentary Film (79min)
Year: 2015
Language: Korean (EN / DE subtitles)
Director: Ok-Hee Jeong