• Shorts
  • Year: 2016
  • Director: Marcus Gaab

One actor, one camera, one minute – these are the components of “One on One on One”, a video project created for the Theatertreffen by Marcus Gaab last year, which will be continued during this festival edition. From each production presented at the festival, one actor was invited to shoot a one-minute film with Marcus Gaab. These ten protagonists can present themselves in any way that is connected to the production invited to the Theatertreffen – it’s a sixty-second one-act play, a one-minute artistic moment, a time-limited, free, anarchic game with the camera. The prime principle of these short films is the intensity of the encounter, capturing the power and energy emanated by these actors.

With the actors Jan-Peter Kampwirth, Marcel Kohler, Antonia Mohr, Caroline Peters, Ruth Rosenfeld, Dimitrij Schaad, Steven Scharf, Markus Scheumann, Kate Strong, Michael Wittenborn.